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  • Our Top Five Glastonbury Moments

    The hills are alive with the songful cries of rampant, fresh-faced festival goers. It must be that time of year. Now we make way for the masses as they dive headfirst into a muddy free-for-all of live comedy and music. Expect feathered crowns, crochet onesies and all manner of psychedelic costumes. Yes – you guessed it! The Glastonbury bells are ...
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    Are We Going Into Superhero Overload?

    When you visit the cinema now there’s a good chance you might mistake the experience for inadvertently wandering into Comic Con. Right now it seems like we’re caught in the fray of a cape and spandex fiesta. In fact, at the time this was written, there were around four comic book trailers currently doing the rounds on the big screen. ...
  • The Ultimate Grudge Match | Batman vs. Superman

    Tomorrow all of you secret cape-wearers and wannabe meta-humans will be celebrating the release of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. It’s going to be a slugging match of godly proportions, regardless of which corner you’re in. So lock up the fine china, because Gotham and Metropolis are about to collide in this epic rendering of underground comic history. Riding ...

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  • The Evolution of the Smart Watch

    Ever since the release of the first smartphones there’s been a tide of devices being released for the sole purpose of linking up with them. It wasn’t until the creation of the smartwatch, though, that an invention emerged to truly enhance the smartphone. We’d all seen watches that could relay the time to us in a thousand different ways, but ...

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