About Us


Welcome, ladies and gents, to Watchtag Mag, a brand new online publication from the folks behind the watch store, Watchtag. All you watch aficionados and budding horologists, this is a magazine for you – a place where you can wax lyrical about your favourite new models, debate the brand that tops your hierarchy or simply browse our wide variety of carefully researched and written articles. Like an old hand on Savile Row, we’ve tailored the content to suit experts and newcomers alike. You’re all welcome here.

As it stands Watchtag Mag is run by editor-in-chief and copywriter, Jack Hudson, and seasoned graphic designer, Julian Oczkowski. These two watch lovers have combined forces to bring you a sleek and intuitive website packed with rich content that’s regularly updated. Granted it’s about as small as a team gets, which is why they’re looking for contributors and collaboration opportunities. This is your chance to enter the frontlines of the world of horology and share your insight and experience. Their approach is relatively simple – they want to talk simply about complex subjects, always with confidence, sincerity and a willingness to learn. The most important thing is that the door gets busted open and we get into watchmaking to put right the drab neglect it’s received.  

That’s about all there is to it – if you have any questions, or you’re itching to share your opinion, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Alternatively you can follow Watchtag via their various social media channels, each of which is listed below.