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You could tell the couple had sun and sand on their mind when Hugh Jackman and his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, opted to buy a $5.9 million Bondi penthouse close to Sydney, Australia. In addition to their modernist condo overlooking the iconic cityscape of New York City, they have recently sealed the deal on this low-rise apartment in the luxury quarter of North Bondi.

No doubt this white-walled, wood-floored base was chosen for Jackman’s trips back to the sunny climes of southern Oz. It’s certainly a stunning ocean-front penthouse, situated close to one of the world’s most famous beaches (a surfer’s catnip), with only a short ferry ride keeping Jackman from his hometown of Sydney. Upon inspection, it seems clear that the hirsute Wolverine will have a perfect base to relax his claws and reflect on how far he’s come, sealed-off inside a high-end off-market property, with all the fittings to boot. You can tell why they wanted to keep it quiet. In fact, it took several months before Jackman and his wife were identified as the new homeowners. It proved to be no easy task, hiding a six-foot-two, world-renowned X-man built like a certain brick outhouse used for disposing fecal matter.

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The first sighting of Jackman, along with the realisation that he’d joined the local community, occurred when he went for a run on the beach and naturally made a mad dash into the surf. Beforehand there had been rumours that one of the expensive, off-market properties had been snatched-up by a Hollywood-based Australian actor. The joint they bought was described as a ‘breathtaking living environment’ – a newly-built, three-bedroom castle with beach and ocean vistas and a verdant garden, sloping down to the water’s edge. Inside, it was said to have a state-of-the-art open kitchen and elegant European oak floors. What sounded most appealing, though, was the large balcony space, drawing beams of sun for BBQ’s and elevated breakfasts in the open air.

If that wasn’t enough to draw the attention of a star, this home was also listed as having seamless indoor and outdoor living area, inviting all the nuances of a luxurious Bondi afternoon. Finally, this air-conditioned penthouse was built to accommodate overnight guests with several Queen-sized beds and built-in robes, whereas the master bedroom is an en-suite with a spectacular view and a king-sized bed for the Wolverine himself.

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So now we now have the not inconsiderable task of choosing one of Jackman’s watches to match such a beautiful home. Luckily our search was met with Jackman and Montblanc’s new advertising campaign: ‘Crafted For New Heights’.

“We approached Hugh Jackman to become Montblanc’s brand ambassador not only because of his exceptional stature as a world-class actor, but also, and perhaps even more so, because he embraces and embodies substance, refined style, true passion and a pioneering spirit…” – Montblanc CEO, Jérôme Lambert

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Montblanc’s first ever brand ambassador, Hugh Jackman, has been seen modelling several sophisticated timepieces fresh from the Montblanc Star collection (you can check out the campaigns short cinematic advert here). The one we’ve pictured above is our personal favourite, skillfully derived from the design of the iconic Montblanc Meisterstück pen. It’s called the Montblanc Star Classique Automatic. It’s a lovely gentleman’s timepiece, right?


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