CWC ‘Cribs & Watch Collections’ | Leonardo DiCaprio


“Every week we’re seeing new and undeniable climate events, evidence that accelerated climate change is here right now… none of this is rhetoric, none of this is hysteria… clean air and a liveable climate are inalienable human rights.”

– Leonardo DiCaprio at the opening of the UN Climate Summit, 2014


“I’m The King of the World!”

No matter how you know DiCaprio, as the UN Messenger of Peace, the shivering heartthrob in Titanic or the immersed kid actor in ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?’, he’s surely appeared on your radar in some way or other. Since his early start on the big screen, propelled by virtuoso directors like Martin Scorsese, DiCaprio has cut an irrevocable swathe through cinematic history and left us all the richer for it. Not only is he an ambassador for the fight against climate change, but he’s also the chiseled face of Tag Heuer and a paragon of gentlemen’s style – so who better to feature in our first CWC?

Leonardo DiCaprio post 1

Take a look at the skilfully-wrought living  room and drink it in – it always goes down smooth. Notice the treated wooden floorboards, plain cream walls and earthen tones, softening the impact of the mounted modern art and winding staircase. Seeing this room for the first time, you are struck by the effortless mix of art deco and minimalist design, achieving a modernised elegant appeal, which is at once both edgy and lavish, without seeming ostentatious. And that’s an important distinction to keep in mind. What you’re looking at here is a place that rejects the brash decadence of, say, those upper floor suites you see in Casinos, kitted-out for high-rollers.

This is, after all, an eco-apartment, in which even the running water is enriched with added Vitamin C, while the kitchen countertops are protected by an antimicrobial coating. In the end it was never going to be your average New York apartment, not least because it takes up around 400 square metres and two storeys in the high-end sweet spot of Greenwich Village. It also has several large bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as a living room with an open fireplace, a plush kitchen, spacious dressing room and library.

leonardo dicaprio post 2

This apartment comes packed with all the latest eco-technologies, gracefully streamlined and specifically made to maintain the resident’s health, whilst also protecting the environment. Equipped with a sleek array of recreational systems, the spacious bathrooms come replete with a smooth marble finish and in-built sensory walk-in shower, as well as intuitive lighting and heating systems so advanced they even trace the position of the sun and alter the heat intensity in relation to how light enters the house. If that wasn’t enough, wafts of air are supplied via various purifying devices and there is an aromatherapy complex to help alleviate any stress you might bring home with you.

When you take into account the technology provided it becomes apparent how modern this apartment truly is. Take the bathroom, for example, which has an orthopedic heated floor and stone path, adaptable to each individual foot slope, encircling a bathtub capable of a mean hydro-massage. Ultra-violet technology is also used to continuously sterilize the premise when ol’ Leo is away spinning movie yarns, on top of an additional concierge service, allowing him to call for a resident psychologist or nutritionist regardless of the time.

leonardo dicaprio 3

DiCaprio bought this apartment in 2013 and paid upwards of 10 million dollars for it. He has since decided to rent it to the ex-Counsellor of Economic Affairs, Jonathan Orszag, who pays a monthly rate of around 25 thousand dollars. It’s a pretty steep rate, but perhaps a worthy price to pay for the view, pictured above. Just imagine lying supine in summer, maybe with the stem of a martini glass between your fingers, overlooking the unique cityscape of Manhattan. Oh, and did we mention the rugged wooden wine cabinet, made to hold 78 bottles, with a built-in squeezer.


The DiCaprio Collection

Now we’ve seen where the man lives let’s take a look at the watches in his refined collection. Over the years we’ve seen him sport the odd Jaeger LeCoultre, as well as a vintage Raymond Weil model when he played the eponymous Jay Gatsby, but mostly he remains devoted to Tag Heuer, which is the leading Swiss watch company that he lends his sculptured image to. When asked about his watches, and style in general, DiCaprio expressed his belief that if you’re going to buy a product you should support the company that makes it wholeheartedly. Implicit in this response was a reference to the ethical implications of buying from an untrustworthy retailer. It seems to us that he’ll be sticking with Tag Heuer for the long haul and so, without any more ado, here are two of his evident favourites, starting with the sleek Tag Heuer Carrera 1887:

leonardo dicaprio post 2

Leo’s black-strapped Tag Heuer Carrera  1887 Chronograph 

Another of the models that stood out for us was this metallic Calibre 16 ‘DiCaprio’ Chronograph. Marketed as DiCaprio’s timepiece of choice, this luxurious chronograph features a nicely contrasted lacquered blue dial, framed with a a smoked sapphire case. It’s a bold example of combined aesthetic and engineering, worthy of the Wolf of Wall Street, but don’t take it from us, have a look for yourself:

The Limited Edition ‘DiCaprio’ Link Calibre 16 Chronograph