Go Where None Intrude | Our Top Five Adventure Watches


Calling all you ultra-marathon Iron Men, cold night campers and all-round outdoor veterans, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite five adventure watches. But, like the adventures that these pieces evoke, this was no easy task. We had to delve into a huge collection of robust timepieces tailored for the wilder man. Finally we’ve chipped away at the hard rugged rock and found our sculptured five – a definitive selection of the finest and toughest timepieces money can buy.


The Devil May Care Piece


Reactor is a ballsy American company that prides itself on its consistent and bold high-end quality range of sports watches. Their refined collection of designs blend classic styling with practical functions, serving those avid adventurers bound for the wild outdoors. We could’ve chosen several different pieces but in the end we went with the Reactor Poseidon Titanium dive watch. It’s an extension of the stainless model carefully crafted to meet strict Swiss standards. The solid titanium casing is made for ultimate corrosion resistance and the band is fitted to the casing with threaded screw bars, increasing its durability. The dial hands are illuminated for low-light visibility and the dual bezels are also rotatable. If that wasn’t enough the stylised case back reveals an intricate network of winding rotors.



The Riding Storms Piece


In 1989 Luminox was founded off the back of an innovative Swiss self-powered illumination system. It wasn’t until 1993, though, that Luminox first tasted stardom when they were commissioned by US Navy SEAL to tailor a watch for elite forces that operated at the extremities of human experience. In the spirit of such elite watches we picked this Luminox Original Navy Seal 3000 Series, which features an encircling night vision ring and rubber bracelet watch, offering a fine alternative to the popular adventure brand: G-Shock. This particular design includes an enlarged bezel covered by mineral glass and water resistant casing with a double-security gasket crown.


The Connoisseur’s Piece


In 1936 the Finnish orienteer and engineer Tuomas Vohlonen developed the means to mass produce liquid-filled compasses. Today his company, Suunto, runs hard at the forefront of design and innovation for sports watches. They also produce an array of hardy dive computers and other sports instruments for adventurers across the wild globe, following them up the highest mountains and down to the depths of the deepest oceans. This smooth, solid water resistant Suunto Elementum Terra Steel timepiece features a bold urban design inspired by the inner city. It also features a sapphire crystal face encircled by a corrosion-resistant stainless 3D steel case and is equipped with a reliable altimeter and barometer.



The Special Ops Piece


For 25 years MTM has specialized in meeting the field-orientated expectations of its ex-military founder. It all began with the Black Hawk – a sturdy design with a titanium band and built-in dial viewing lights. Since then MTM has been running on cutting-edge styles and matchless American technology. Today they sell a range of skilfully wrought tactical timepieces, specifically designed to survive a severe beating from the elements. Chosen from that range is this sleek MTM Special Ops Silencer with stainless steel case and durable diamond-like-carbon plating. The face is scratch resistant and made of anti-reflective sapphire crystal. It’s no surprise that this is slightly more expensive than your standard sports watch. It also comes with a watertight tactical box and rechargeable electromagnetic battery that lasts four months with every charge. So, rest assured, if you’re planning some outlandish special-ops excursion with your buddies, this watch can follow you no matter where you go.



The Ulysses Piece


Finally we come to our favourite adventure watch: the unbreakable Casio G-Shock Burton. This rugged yet stylish design came courtesy of the esteemed snowboard company Burton. It’s a limited edition collaborative watch that couples function with style and cleverly contrasts a black colour with an ice blue face. The design evolved from the GDF100 Twin Sensor and, like all other renowned G-Shock watches, it has been refined and bolstered for maximum durability.

The case features a hollow construction that cushions the timepiece and allows it to float, protected from impact shocks. At the same time the urethane-resin bezel also gives all-directional coverage to the watch face and in-built temperature sensors allow for altitude and forecast assessment. Still doubt whether it’s suitably adventure-made and shock resistant? Then check out this G-Shock Hammer Test video.
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