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Religion and science combine with this precise mechanism, skilfully wrought to inspire wonder. You can't argue with the complexity and presentation of the movement, but, in terms of originality, if you're looking for something that redefines the Tourbillon Complication you might want to keep searching.
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At the beginning of time, when time-telling first began, the art of horology was mostly dictated by the stars and planets, namely the practice of astrology. Besides the obvious cycle of the sun, the luminaries were often used to approximate the time. If you look with the right pair of eyes the North Star becomes the centre of a clock and an imaginary line can be drawn through the two pointer stars of the Big Dipper, creating the hour hand of a clock. The ancient civilisations of Babylon and Assyria were known for the tall structures and complex instruments they used to better understand the roof of the universe. Supposedly celestial divination was most popular during the Sumerian period around the 3rd millennium BC. Way back then the night sky was seen as the precious domain of those conductors who oversee the orchestra of life. Priests in particular would use astrology to ascertain the will and intentions of the Gods. Consider the fact that space also produced comets that were seen as omens and occasionally played host to eclipses, which were presumed to have spiritual implications.

So what’s the relevance of all that, you ask? Well, today we’re looking at the Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette, a grand complication with a cutting edge and dynamic watch face, dedicated to the ancient art of horology. It is a fine example of superior Swiss craftsmanship with the bold aesthetic of a statement piece and a visual composed of wheeling celestial bodies. The visible motion pivots around a controlled oscillator centred at the heart of the three-axis   tourbillon. This creates a beautiful orbital display used to measure the passing of hours and minutes, beautified by an 18ct rose gold setting adorned with diamonds and sapphires. It is powered by an exclusive Jacob & Co. manual winding movement, with a sleek, rotating minutes-dial and a patented differential gears system. Just imagine you’re lying under the night sky and then look closely at the faceted spherical diamond, lacquered magnesium globe and tourbillion cage, all spinning together and playing the roles of our beloved luminaries – we’re sure you’ll understand just why we had to share this watch with you.

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