Lucius & Ki’s The Wayang Watch

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The verdict is in and the Wayang Watch has avoided the wood-chipper. We had a few issues with the slightly old-fashioned and cluttered watch face, but we couldn't argue with the appeal of owning a hand-carved Indonesian timepiece that is entirely your own.
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Every now and then a design surfaces that’s unlike anything we’ve seen before. Sometimes these designs come from unlikely places, like when Indonesia’s first watch manufacturer, Lucius & Ki, released the wooden Wayang Watch.

Established in the humid metropolis of Jakarta in 2009, Lucius & Ki is the nurtured brainchild of Lucius Worang and Hocky Santha, whose equal passion and appreciation of luxury timepieces brought them together.  Worang was an avid watch collector, who learnt the secrets of horology from his father, whereas Santha was a studious watch restorer, who worked in a boutique in Jakarta. The company took its handle from a combination of their nicknames, representing a playful, edgy and innovative approach to modern watchmaking. Equipped with a unique backstory, Lucius & Ki began crafting timepieces that exuded individual sophistication and class. Then they crafted the Wayang Watch, powered by a Swiss-engineered movement called the Unitas 6498 manual-winding caliber, with a polished casing made from wood hewn in the humid tropical forests of Sumatra. It was a breakthrough that attracted the attention of watchmakers all over the world. Watch enthusiasts began to look closely at the Wayang Watch, many of them charmed by the wooden casing decorated with the etched visage of Arjuna, a warrior hero taken from local legend, alongside patterns reminiscent of Japanese architecture. Not to mention the sleek dial carved from various types of wood so to as to achieve mixed colouration with the different grains. In addition, the use of a living, organic material like wood also means that each watch has its own life.

“No two woods are the same,” said co-founder Leon Worang, in an interview with NY Times.

That means you can look forward to wearing at piece that’s personal and unique to you. Each model was made from a sliver of wood that was carefully trimmed by hand. The subsequent creation of the piece is usually spread out over days, during which time the patient makers commit to long periods of refinement and scrutiny. Lucius & Ki only use wood that has been certified by the Indonesian Forest Stewardship Council. In doing so the company helps to promote the protection of local rainforests and environmental preservation on a wider level.

“We had two rules,” Worang went on, “We wanted a luxury product that looked different, and that had an Indonesian identity.”


wayang watch featured



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