‘…Over The Watchmakers’ Shoulder’


watchmaker featured

‘Watchmaking is a bottomless pit. Looking at a watch, you might think it’s tiny, miniscule, but when you delve a little deeper, with eyeglasses or loupes, it’s like an immense cathedral you can wander in…’

Horology is an ancient practice founded on an exact science, as well as a confluence of mathematical precision and artistic flair. In many ways it is an infinitely refined and elitist art, which is why we think a chance to lift the curtain on modern watchmaking is such a rare and exciting opportunity.

Also, take into account the fact that no one makes an elegant, minimalist videologue quite like Nomos Glashütte. It’s no wonder we were compelled to share this old treasure we plucked from YouTube. It’s called ‘Look Over The Watchmakers’ Shoulder’ and it invites watch aficionados to see the captivating and very satisfying in-house creation of Nomos watches. Through this video we see not only the inner workings of some of the finest timepieces available today, but are also offered an insight into the minds of the artisans who craft them. The precise machinery that keeps the watches ticking is reflected by the patient ingenuity of those individuals whose steady hands and captivated focus serves to make such infallible products possible.