A Presidential Shinola Handed From Obama to Cameron

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When you think of David Cameron ‘style’ isn’t a word that jumps immediately to mind. Come to think of it, the Conservative Party as a whole is yet to win any appeal based on their cutting-edge threads and daring fashion statements. If you’re wondering why – well, it’s all in the name really.

So, given that we don’t really expect Prime Minister David Cameron to cut a stylish figure, it did come as quite a surprise when he donned an effortlessly cool new item, courtesy of his special friend, President Obama. During his recent trip to ol’ blighty, Obama brought a menswear item fit for an aficionado. It was a unique, custom-made Shinola timepiece, specifically tailored for the occasion and flown over, fresh from his fair continent.

As far as stylists go, the best-dressed president since the sharp and preppy heartthrob, John F. Kennedy, evokes an assurance that you’re in good hands. His hands are steady with Hawaiian ease and his smooth gait dances with Kenyan flair. At the moment, we don’t know what specifics (colour, strap or casement) he’s requested for the ‘Cameron Model’, but we can all rest assured that it will feature the presidential seal gracefully engraved on the case-back. We’ve also heard that it will be presented to the Prime Minister in a personalised Shinola box, replete, again, with the Presidential Seal.

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So why did Obama choose a Shinola timepiece? We can’t say for certain, but we do think it has something to do with his own Shinola model, which he was given earlier this year, directly from the watchmaker’s factory in Detroit – a 42mm Runwell Sport Chronograph, to be precise. It signifies the special bond between America and Britain – the fact that Obama offered Cameron another Shinola, much like his own. It’s safe to say that being friends with the Leader of the Free World has its advantages…



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