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We all know a watch is a very personal thing and as such we can ascertain that every individual model has a different story. We also know that the watch you wear says a lot about you – the wearer. So, we looked at a variety of different men from London and asked them to share the various stories behind their watches. Everything kind of high-end beauty was on display, from Breitling to Omega, including every style you could imagine, from vintage to modern. The prices of these watches ranged, usually, from £30 to over £5,000. So, without any further ado, here are the Watches of West London in all their diverse and gentlemanly glory.


west london watches

Name: Harold

Age: 67

Job: Professor of Architecture

“I bought [my Swatch Street Energy watch] this summer in Rhodes, Greece. I have a lot of Swatches. It usually says ‘Hell’ but at quarter past the hour it lines up and says ‘Hello’. I wore it today because it matches my black and yellow scarf. It brightens up my life.”


west london watches

Name: Tom

Age: 64

Job: Works in Property

“It’s a 20 year old Cartier, my wife bought it for me, but I don’t know the model. I used to collect watches but I’ve given most of my watches away to my children, I used to have an IWC, a Montblanc, a Rolex. I also have a couple of Blancpains.”


west london watches

Name: Ravi

Age: 34

Job: CEO

“It’s a Breitling Chronographe, gold. I got it seven years ago, it just feels right.”


west london watches

Name: Anonymous

Age: 27

Job: Surveyor

“I love watches. I got my Rolex Submariner two years ago, I’ve been saving for it since I was a child.”


west london watches

Name: Anonymous

Age: 42

Job: Unknown

“It’s an Issey Miyake, I’ve got three or four just like it. It’s the same designer as the clothes, it’s more of a weekend wear. I also have a Dior watch.”

west london watches

Name: Tron (yes, really)

Age: 40

Job: Works in Investment

“It’s a Rolex GMT. I got it five years ago, it’s my favourite watch.”

west london watches

Name: Ken (Man of Mystery)

Age: Unknown

Job: Unkown

“It’s only a cheap one, a Bulova I got for £120. It’s the only one I got. Bought it 18 months ago after I broke the last one.”

west london watches

Name: Anonymous

Age: 30

Job: Financial Services

“I got it two, three years ago, I bought it myself. I also have an IWC. I put this on today to match my outfit.”

Photography by Michael Newington Gray


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