The Ultimate Grudge Match | Batman vs. Superman

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Tomorrow all of you secret cape-wearers and wannabe meta-humans will be celebrating the release of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. It’s going to be a slugging match of godly proportions, regardless of which corner you’re in. So lock up the fine china, because Gotham and Metropolis are about to collide in this epic rendering of underground comic history. Riding the Superhero tsunami that has bundled movie goers into a daze, this film represents the most considerable leap forward in the on-going competition between DC and Marvel. The title alone is proof enough that the Justice League is about to assemble, at which point DC’s brewing answer to the Avengers will finally be made public. But first, Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill) have to go toe-to-toe in this spring showdown, courtesy of the muscle-bound director, Zack Snyder – the same Zack Snyder who brought us such macho romps as 300 and Watchmen.

Early reviews have been kind about the controversial choice for Batman and often celebrated the arrival of the Amazonian warrior, Wonderwoman, played by Gal Gadot, former Miss Israel and soldier in the Israeli army. What’s perhaps even more exciting though, is the stylistic convergence of two different worlds. It’ll be interesting to see how Snyder wrestles with two divergent takes on the same city of New York, incorporating both Metropolis and Gotham into this new big-screen universe. Expect to see Lex Luthor’s LexCorp skyscraper alongside the dingy labyrinths of Arkham Asylum. Also, audiences should prepare for a much darker narrative, following the authentic model for realism set by Christopher Nolan. Apart from that we pretty much have to rely on the trailers to shape our expectations and yet critics privy to early previews of the movie have already noted that they’ve been slightly misleading.

Early reviews, from Empire and The Guardian, have pinned the movie with three stars, noting that the overbearing groundwork for future spin-offs and franchises leaves the story feeling somewhat stunted and confused. However The Guardian did mention the spectacular opening, which sees Bruce Wayne charging down the war-torn city streets while Superman and General Zod do sky-borne battle overhead. Empire also expressed the thrill of seeing Wayne putting in the frantic ground work, picking up the pieces and evacuating his employees, while the Gods above throw their prams at each other. It’s interesting that Snyder is using the same theme of collateral damage, which is also the catalyst set to separate Iron Man and Captain America in the upcoming Civil War movie. Unfortunately this encouraged further criticism, namely the contention that the movie is overcrowded with CGI set pieces, undermining any real investment in this new world. Of course we haven’t seen it yet, so we can only tell you what the critics have said, but it does sound ominous cramming Wonderwoman, Batman, Superman, Lex Luthor and Doomsday into the same two hours. There’s only so much visual polish a viewer can take before the lack of subtlety causes irritation and overly Snyder-ised scenes, like advancing Spartan warriors backed by virile heavy metal, become a drag.

So, what has this all got to do with watches you ask? Well, by now we’ve all seen the playful Police watches (if anyone needs a reminder check out our Watch-off from a few weeks back), but what would a Superman and Batman watch look like?

Introducing… our pick for the ultimate cross-over timepiece, combining the perfect aesthetic of Superman with the brooding brawn of Batman… the mighty Diesel Mega Chief DZ4318.

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This is a bold, bolstered chronograph that’s water resistant up to 100m and powered by a quartz movement. We love how the smooth black stainless steel casing is complemented with luminous blue indices and hands. Couple this with the brawny design and you’ve got a model worthy of both the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight. Also, if you look closely you’ll see ‘Only the Brave’ etched in blue writing beneath the twelfth hour –

How about that for a superhero watch?