Watchtag | Our Top Five Christmas Gifts

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For many people the Christmas season means crowded shopping, last-minute scrambles to raid bare shelves and lists of chores that seem to grow longer and longer each year. Online shopping is different though. Yes there’s a chance the item you wanted might be out of stock, but even if it is you can avoid running through the streets, waving your arms wildly over your head, searching for another store. With an e-commerce site all you have to do is move the pointer up to the browser. No hassle. You have the world’s largest shopping complex at your fingertips.

Easy as online shopping already is we wanted to make it even easier for you. This way you can have some extra time to put your feet up by the fireside and watch the sleet sliding down the window. Here’s a selection of our Top Five Christmas Gifts to get you started on your search.



Tag Heuer Carrera Two-Tone Automatic Men’s Watch

Christmas watch

Okay so it comes with a considerable price tag but a moment’s glance at the elegant Carrera, with its classic two-tone casing and impeccable dial, reveals why. Couple this with the fact that it was wrought by the Swiss powerhouse Tag Heuer and you’ve got yourself a gift to leave a loved one speechless.



Casio G-Shock Camo Dial Men’s Watch 

Casio Watch

Are you spending your Christmas differently this year? Looking for an adventure to close the year? Maybe you’re going skiing instead of curling up by the fireside with a belly full of pigs-in-blankets? If so the Casio G-Shock is about as robust as watches come and its subtle camouflage design should surely catch an eye or two if you encounter another fashionista in the wilderness.



Michael Kors Accelerator Leather Chronograph Men’s Watch


Feel like spending your Christmas in style? Here’s something classic and timeless – a sophisticated Michael Kors Men’s Watch for the seasoned watch aficionado.



Emporio Armani Stainless Steel Men’s Watch


The gleaming silver Emporio Armani Watch is so clean and sleek that it looks almost futuristic. This is a great timepiece for those sumptuous Christmas feasts when the shirts and cocktail dresses are whipped out.



Seiko Solar Stainless Steel Chronograph Men’s Watch


The ethereal blue dial and smooth steel casing of the Seiko Solar Watch makes it the perfect gift. It won’t cost you a kidney either and, at the same time, it’s similar to the Emporio in terms of sophisticated elegance.